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Ed Montgomery

Ed Montgomery is a motivator of people. His teachings are straight forward and easy to understand. His purpose is to ignite that spark of potential deposited within each of us by our Creator. Ed’s message probes the depths of the soul and cultivates the untapped resources of the human spirit. He has a true ability to call to the forefront the gifting, talents and abilities of his audience. He inspires each of us to be all God created us to be, to look deeper and achieve greater. When asked about his greatest goal, he will respond, “I merely want to see ordinary, everyday people achieve extraordinary things“.

Ed Montgomery is an accomplished musician and songwriter his works include
• Living On The Top ( Title cut of Douglas Miller’s and Dwayne Wood’s CD )
• Life – There’s Something More ( The Abundant Life Cathedral Choir/Ablife Records )
• Never Give Up On You ( Ablife Records )
• I Still Believe ( Ablife Records )

as well as a prolific and inspiring author. His most notable literary works include
• Breaking The Spirit Of Poverty
• What To Do When It Hurts So Bad
• Heaven In Your Heart…And In Your Pocket Too
• When Heaven Is Silent

Ed Montgomery is a product of the Cleveland, Ohio Public School System. He attended Bishop College in Dallas, Texas. Bishop College is an institution of higher learning known for the development of many of America’s greatest preachers and educators. He has also received his Masters and Ph.D.

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Ed Montgomery inspires each of us to be all God created us to be. Hearing him is a rare experience you don’t want to miss.